Easy Slider

    Slideshow Elements

    The Easy Slideshow ele­ment allows you to set­up a sim­ple slideshow with­in sec­onds, either at the top of your page, stretch­ing across the whole view­port, or as a con­tent ele­ment any­where on the page.

    You can choose between fade and slide tran­si­tion, dura­tion of slide inter­val and posi­tion.  You can add any num­ber of slideshows you want to a page

    Fade Slider

    As you can see you can either set the slide ani­ma­tion to fade or to slide.
    You can also man­u­al­ly choose the slideshow image size from a pre­de­fined array of sizes that work well with the theme

    Again, any num­ber of slid­ers possible